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School Spirited Halloween Costumes

Are you going to a Halloween party on campus this year? Do you want everyone to know that you love your school? Have you put off finding a costume? Well, my friends, this article is for you. If you love IUP and you’re looking for an easy, school spirited costume, try one of these.

1. Norm

Duh! This is a given. The best way to show school spirit is to be the mascot! For this costume, wear all red and an IUP shirt and attach some feathers to yourself. Buy or craft a beak and you’re all set!


They’re all over campus and basically our unofficial mascot so dressing up as a squirrel is just as spirited. Get yourself a long, bushy tail and draw some whiskers and a nose on your face and wear cute, rounded ears. Bonus points if you put your first initial on your chest backwards as a tribute to Mean Girls and when people ask what you are, say, “I’m a squirrel. Duh.”

3.Oak Tree

There’s a reason it’s called the oak grove. We have a lot of oak trees. Wear brown pants and a green shirt with leaves affixed to it and a green hat (or you can get reallly crafty and creative like the costume above). Bonus points if you make this a pair costume with the squirrel.

4.Couple’s Costume: Horse and Police Officer

The biggest joke of homecoming is to not touch the police horses. You and your boo can dress up as a horse and a police officer as an ode to this. Get a horse costume and a cop costume at any costume shop and you’re done! Or, if you don't want to buy the whole costume, buy one of those rubber horse masks and a cop badge and improvise the rest!

I hope this article was able to inspire you this Halloween season. Go out, have fun, and be responsible!

Hey, lovelies! My name is Alyssa and I'm an English major at IUP's Cook Honors College! My interests include reading, writing (duh!), art of all kinds, and music. If it's your style, feel free to follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter! @at_the_h3lm
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