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Real Live College Girl Jackie tackles… A Real Live College Guy (just kidding!) Yoga Pants

 Recently, a “Real Live College Guy” wrote an article about yoga pants and women who wear them. First, I want to define what the author describes in his article as “yoga pants.” The article says yoga pants, but describes leggings, tights, spandex, and everything else stretchy and tight that women and girls wear as pants.

We sport these as workout gear, casually, and even dress them up. Leggings themselves have become a staple of every girl’s wardrobe, regardless of her size and shape. The comfort of leggings has even been combined with the unisex wardrobe essential: jeans. The hybrid clothing is called the Jegging, and they are a God-send. The blend of the fabrics allows us girls to seemingly wear in jeans, but actually have all the flexibility and freedom of wearing leggings, as well as the butt-accentuating fit.

Next, this “Real Live College Guy” says, “In my eyes, this is another way to grab the attention of another, guy or girl.” And that those women should “expect several glances at their legs or bottoms from nearly everyone that walks by.” Has this guy been to a club? I find it hard to believe that anyone would consider a pair of leggings or yoga pants risqué seeing everything else we wear. There is actually a type of shirt called a bra-top; now that is something to raise your eyebrows at. Spandex pants however… not so much.

The writer also shamelessly declares “…you need to be aware of the kind of attention you wish to receive… Guys will look at your behind before they even see your face.” Now that’s just ridiculous! I thought we got past that whole thing where guys blame women for men not being able to control themselves.  

Real Live College Girls everywhere are rolling their eyes at guys who think like that. Of course we want to be checked out, but so do you guys. They make skinny jeans for men too! But seriously, some of us do just like the comfort. Besides we have so many other ways to get male attention- with or without the leggings, guys going to look. In fact, we could not even try and guys all would still look.

The bottom line is that GUYS should be aware! Aware of anything else besides the reasons we wear yoga pants. 

IUP Communications Media student. Hoping to improve my writing abilities and mostly my ability to write faster and with a deadline. I hope to one day be a creative director or something else where I get to be creative and make a good living.
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