A Real Lifesaver: Snapchat's 'Do Not Disturb' Feature

If you’re like me, ignoring a Snapchat notification is borderline impossible. Especially when it is coming from a particular person. But, what do you do when you’re getting notifications from someone and you need to focus? Or when you’re trying to ignore someone without deleting them entirely? Most cellphones have a do not disturb feature or you can turn off the notifications for individual apps, but it turns off all notifications.

When Apple rolled out their individual do not disturb option, many people (myself included) were ecstatic. Recently, I had found myself wishing that Snapchat would do something similar. A feature that would allow me turn off notifications for individuals without deleting them.


As fate would have it, Snapchat did just that.

Recently, and almost silently, Snapchat rolled out a new do not disturb feature. I came across the feature by chance and was surprised when I found the option. Getting to the setting is extremely easy and it’s perfect for that person you want to (politely) ignore.


To access the setting, press down on the person’s name until the options appear.

(Photo taken/provided by Danielle Jones)

From this menu, select Settings.


Then this screen will appear.

((Photo taken/provided by Danielle Jones)

Select Do Not Disturb.


Originally, I was worried that the Snapchat wouldn’t come through at all; however, after practicing it out with my sister, I found that the Snapchat is still there—minus the notification.

Thank you Snapchat for making being petty just a little bit easier.



*Has only been tried on Apple products