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Proof That Nayley Are Goals

Okay, I know that there are one too many couples to choose as your favorite, but lets take a minute and talk about how Nathan and Hayley are perfect.

First, he was the popular jock and she was the smartest girl in school and they NEVER talked. Until he needed tutoring. And when he gave her that bracelet.. SO CUTE


And then Hayley became a cheerleader and they were the cutest couple at their school. 

Then they decided to randomly get MARRIED and moved in together and then set up their answering machine. GOALS. If answering machines were still a thing, right?

Just the way Nathan says “Hi Hales” after not seeing her is precious.

And then when they actually had their wedding it was PERFECT.

Then they have children and Jamie and Lydia are just as perfect as their parents, it is ridiculous.

Who’s your favorite OTH couple?

all gifs from giphy.com

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