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Blue Mist Road

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In north Pittsburgh stands Irwin Road, one of the most haunted roads in the United States, better known as Blue Mist Road: the home of many tragedies. The tales of the road range from witches to ghosts but it always ends in the blue mist. In the 1800s Irwin Road was nothing more than a dirt trail road and this has stayed the same over years, but the horrors and legends have grown. There are still the foundations of homes that used to exist along the trail. Many people claim that one of these homes belong to that practiced black magic. They say this woman opened dark portals daily and let evil in. Each of the families who lived on Irwin Road was suffering in different ways. One family was brutally murdered by their father who was suffering from severe depression. He killed his wife and kids then stuffed their bodies in the septic tank. Years later when the house was destroyed, their bones were discovered. It's believed that the spirits of the dead never left this road. The legend is if you drive up to the blocked of road and honk three times the spirits will appear. The spirits will make noises, appear as balls of light, or even appear as full apparitions. In the 1970s a young couple attempted this. They thought it was a joke they pulled up and honked three times. After doing so the blue mist started to roll in and they began hearing noises. They tried to leave but their car wouldn’t start so the man popped his hood to attempt to fix the issue. After a couple of minutes, his girlfriend heard a noise so she began looking for her boyfriend and didn’t get a reply. She thought he was pulling a prank, so she locked herself in the car where she fell asleep waiting for him. When she awoke, she found her boyfriend covered in blood hanging above the car. The mystery was never solved. Blue mist road is full of many other mysteries. It is advised to keep away from the area.

Hi, my name is Christyn Beichner. I am a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Hospitality Management.
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