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Pennsylvania Folklore (Part 1)

The Devil’s Road, Chadds Ford Township

A skull and bones sits in a forest, grey scale

In southeastern Pennsylvania on the border of Delaware is a place called Chadds Ford, the home of Cossart Road and better known as Devil’s Road. Devils Road is known for its horrific history. The trees that surround this road all have a cane shape curve and bend away from avenue as if they are trying to get away. These trees are also linked to the famous “Gates of Hell”. Down along the wooded hillside lays a mansion known as the Cult House which was believed to have once belonged to the DuPont family. This home was used for cult activities. Nobody knows the truth behind the nature of occult practices. The Cult House is believed that the DuPont family committed many counts of incest to keep their family wealth strictly in their bloodline. The mansion was commonly used to marry sets of cousins and to hide their inbred spawns. There are many conspiracies and rumors on the topic of the DuPont family that they had to place extra security around the property due to vandalism and satanic rituals. Satanic rituals are very common on the property. While on the property you will find piles of dead animals completed gutted.  The gates to the property are also covered in carcasses. Every Halloween a body of human sacrifice is found on the property. There have been many reports of being followed by a red truck while driving around the property at night. There has since been a blockbuster film created called The Village written and directed by a local.  

Hi, my name is Christyn Beichner. I am a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Hospitality Management.
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