Our Sister Chapter: HC Kent State

This past semester, Her Campus IUP has had the absolute pleasure of having Her Campus Kent State as our Sister Chapter. This program has given both chapters a chance to look at how other chapters are run. With the semester quickly coming to a close, we want everyone to learn just how great HC Kent State is!

HC Kent State launched in March 2014 and has been thriving ever since! We all know how difficult it can be to decide what organizations to join, but for our sister chapter members it was an easy choice.

Jess Goodwin of the HC Kent State editorial team said, “I have always wanted my writing to be put out in the world, and Her Campus gave me that opportunity plus so many more!!”

Lexi Marco, the social media director for HC Kent State explained that her decision to join came early in her college career, “I knew I needed a creative outlet and I knew coming into college as a freshman, I needed a support system and something to fall back on, and HCKSU was just that.”

Often times, people think that Her Campus is consists entirely of Journalism majors; however, that is not the case. HC Kent State consists of majors from Journalism, Fashion, Public Relations, Marketing, Psychology Art History, and Early Childhood!

All chapters of Her Campus provide a wide variety of skills to their members. Sammy Pesick, the president and campus correspondent of HC Kent State describes the skills she has gained: “Being part of HC Kent State has given me so many leadership skills from being on our executive board as well as the ability to develop my portfolio.”

Lexi Keida, the philanthropy and community director, also described the skills she gained from being a member of HC Kent State: “HC gave me my voice again! I was in a low place in my life and being able to express myself gave me so much confidence!”

No matter what chapter of Her Campus you belong to, you’re bound to make memories that will last you a life time. Some of the HC Kent State team shared their favorite memories thus far:

“Going to Her Conference with the members of Kent State is one of my favorite memories. It was so cool to experience the conference and the cities with my girls from Kent!” –Sammy Pesick, President and Campus Correspondent

“My favorite memory is Her Week for sure and I’m so excited to see what Her Week 2018 has in store for us!” –Corinne Zielinski, Events Director and Campus Correspondent

Her Campus is an organization that is so rewarding to be a part of, see what some of the HC Kent State team members had to say about what the most rewarding part of their experience has been:

  • “I joined Her Campus because I loved the empowerment it gives to women as a community of activists and leaders.” –Madeline Scalzi, Social Media Team
  • “The most rewarding part about HC is building great relationships with the people in it. We, together, empower young women and each other through our writing and working together.” –Shelbie Goulding, Senior Editor
  • “The most rewarding thing I’ve gotten out of joining HC is networking and making amazing new friends with such strong, and talented women. The friendships I’ve made have made me feel a part of something and make Kent feel more like home. Also, I have gained so much knowledge and help towards the career I want. I can’t think of a better organization to be a part of.” –Shelby Rabideaux, Editorial Team

If you think HC Kent State is for you, take some advice from the current Campus Correspondents on getting involved:

“Don’t be afraid to apply! We are always looking for ambitious girls with a passion for the organization, you don’t need to be a journalism major. If you aren’t looking to join the chapter but still want to be involved, coming to our events, such as Her Week, reading and sharing our articles and interacting with us on social media are great ways to get your foot in the door.” –Sammy Pesick, President and Campus Correspondent

“As a graduating senior, the advice I give would be to apply as soon as possible and get involved with us because you gain such beneficial skills for the future and get to meet amazing girls and make new friends along the way! the experience is irreplaceable and something I will carry with me for the rest of my life” –Corinne Zielinksi, Events Director and Campus Correspondent


Look out for these events hosted by HC Kent State:

April 16th – April 19th we have our annual event week, Her Week.

This is a week full of events that culminates in a party celebrating our fourth year as an organization here at Kent State.

Along with the birthday party we are hosting a fundraiser, Her Fitness which consists of a Zumba class partnering with Chaarg.

Her Beauty where we are partnering with a local makeup artist, Makeup Madhouse by Carrie Esser, for a night of beauty and makeup demos!


HC Kent State fully embodies what it means to succeed as an organization. The members of this organization are beautiful on the inside and out. Be sure to support them if you are a Kent State student and don’t be afraid to learn more about this great organization!