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Navigating Halloween Parties

It’s that time of year again, Halloween. “This is Halloween” plays in your head as you bake pumpkin printed cookies, carve pumpkins and light pumpkin scented candles. All the feels of fall are in your body but you aren’t looking forward to anything more than Halloween night. You’ve been putting together your costume all month and now is the time to put it to use, hit the crisp fall night and party as the cat/bunny/four loko/slutty police officer/devil that you’ve decided to be for the evening. As you go frolicking through the night house hopping and partying it up keep these things in mind as you go.

            Who are you going out with and what is the dynamic of the group? Can you get away with a group costume or is that one friend sure to bail leaving the three blind mice to be just the two blind mice. My advice for this night is to start in a large group because someone is bound to get tired and want to go home or want to leave to be with their boyfriend or something along those lines. Halloween only comes once a year and you’re not going to want to have to call it a night just because two people in your three person group want to go home for the night. Groups can always split off into pairs but starting with a small group that goes into a smaller group will put a damper on the night.

            Once you have your group in order you’re going to want to address the pre-game for the night. Who is hosting? What time are you gathering? How close is it to where you want to go? This is a pretty simple task, just sounds more involved than it is. However, this is crucial because it starts your night out and it is important for two reasons. If you are going out to the bar it will help you get that buzz going so you don’t have to spend a lot on drinks. If you are going out to the frats and/or house parties it make sure that you don’t have to carry around liquids with you all night and will mean that you don’t have to rely on the sketchy jungle juice or soured keg.

            The next thing you’re going to want to do is get where you’re going. What is your final destination? What is the frat or house party that’s going to have the best music, drinks, games and atmosphere? Who do you know where? Typically, the best parties are the ones where you know the most people. That way there is always someone to talk to, dance with, and play games with. Also, my personal opinion for the night, skip the frat houses. Go to the sports teams, they usually have the best houses, juices and atmospheres.

            Another advantage to being in a big group is the connection it gives you. Party you’re at is lame? Ok, so and so knows of another place to go. Party just get busted? No big deal, lets go____.  With more people comes more knowledge. Even though Halloween is a pretty poppin night not all the places you’re going to visit are going to be.

            The biggest most import point of the night though is just to have fun. Enjoy it. Put effort into your costume and don’t be afraid to be out there. Not too often are you going to be able to/ is it going to be acceptable for you to dress up as a slutty bunny or a four loko for the night, so go all out! Also, be safe. Don’t let the one night of fun go to your head and ruin things you’ve been looking forward to. If you choose to drink, drink responsibly. You don’t want the fantasy of your jail bird costume to become your reality!!

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Cats and Caffeine are key.
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