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Pittsburgh has always been around a 40-minute drive from my home my entire life.  Up until the last few years, I hadn’t really taken advantage of that.  Sure, I would go to concerts in the city during the summer, but I never understood how much Pittsburgh had to offer.  

Slowly, my friends and I began planning trips to the city that would make me realize just how blind I had been throughout high school.  I had been ignoring just how beautiful the city looks at night and the feeling you get when stepping out on the platforms of Mount Washington.  Even a drive through the city at night just listening to Christmas music in a car full of my friends was enough to give me a deep appreciation for Pittsburgh.  My love for the City of Champions only grew from there.

From ice skating at PPG Place to getting food at Market Square, “the Burgh” has quickly become one of my favorite places to spend a nice day.  Each time I make the drive to the skyscrapers, I find hidden gems, even though I’ve been there a countless number of times.  And don’t even get me started on the food.  I could go on and on for hours.

After moving to Indiana for college, I have been itching to be closer to the city.  There is such a huge difference living here compared to being in my hometown and that became very obvious during my freshman year at IUP.  So basically what I’m trying to say is don’t take your hometown for granted and don’t be afraid to explore cities near you.  

Step out of your comfort zone and if you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, make sure you stay to see it at night.

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