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Let’s talk about the worst time period of my life, skin-wise.

It all started in high school, specifically my senior year around the winter. I started noticing that there were these very dry red patches around my mouth. Well, they were like my chin mouth area, but anyway it was noticeable. I was never really one to wear makeup in high school because I liked to wake up late and go to school. So I know that makeup was not the thing to cause these patches. So then I blamed it on the cold weather. Well, that was not it either, so now I’m confused, to say the least. Then all of a sudden one day it just went away and that was it.

Until…. August of 2021. I remember we were coming back to school full time and I was more than excited to see other students and whatnot. Then BAM another Eczema outbreak but this time it was way worse than the first. I was self-conscious about part two because this time it was way more noticeable than the first. It affected both eyes so that made both my eyelids dry patches and completely red and my inner eye was completely dry and scaly. I know very scary! But that was not it also affected the right corner of my mouth and this was very painful. It would crack open when I would eat and it was constantly red and itchy. I’ve tried every Eczema cream and they didn’t work. I even went to the extent of trying the baby Eczema products and still, nothing was getting better! So I had enough and I cried over the phone to my mom and I went online and begged my doctor to look at me ASAP. So he recommended me to a doctor and that’s where I went during Thanksgiving break.

Wouldn’t you know it I had a bad case of face Eczema and I had to be put on steroids immediately. So I rushed to my nearest pharmacy, picked up my steroids, and applied it immediately. In two days my face was fixed!! I was so excited to have my face back and It did feel like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders. To this day I still take my steroids and If I miss a day my skin does get irritated but the Eczema is gone! So there is a happy ever after to this story.

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Brittney is a Disability Service Major with a minor in Business Management. Some of Brittney's favorite things to do is read books, listen to Doja Cat and shop till she drops. She loves her cat more than anything and she hopes to one day own her own business and live on the beach!!!