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Music to Help you Study (and One Non-Music Resource)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

If you’re anything like me, silence just doesn’t cut it sometimes when you’re studying. The silence can be intimidating and often times, deafening, preventing you from getting any work done. However, have no fear because I have found some amazing music/background noise to help combat some of your study frustrations!

1. Ambient mixer

(Photo by Adi Goldstein)

Here you can look up different settings that have ambient noise that softly plays in the background while you do your work. They have different categories that range from a general rainy day to being able to study in Belle’s library from Beauty and the Beast (which is my personal favorite). You could even study in Tony Stark’s garage which I find pretty cool. There’s a whole range of different settings to pick and choose from so I’m sure you’ll find one.

2. House playlists

(Photo by Rae Tian)

On Spotify, there are study playlists for each of the Hogwarts houses, which many strongly identify with. I’m a Hufflepuff so I listen to that one and I find that it embodies the house’s personality as well as helping me focus on my work. Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan, I highly recommend them. Witches, wizards, and muggles alike can find them here:

Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor

3. YouTube pianist Rousseau

(Photo by Pure Virtual)

I just recently discovered him but piano music is no stranger to me. I find that piano music can be really calming to listen to, which reduces the stress of the environment as well as help you focus on what you need to do. But if you need a small break, the way he makes his videos and the speed of his fingers can be an almost meditative break.

4. Instrumental study

(Photo by Jan Strecha)

Good old Spotify will almost never let you down when it comes to playlists. They have made their own study playlist and that I find is just as effective as the others, and easy to get to. If you don’t want to look to hard for what you want, this is a great place to be.

5. Alan Gogoll

(Photo by Jefferson Santos)

I know that everyone is not a classical music fan so if you’re looking for a more upbeat or non-piano sound, I recommend Alan Gogoll. He’s pretty good on the guitar and allows just enough for a nice balance between focus and relaxation. But it definitely depends on your preferences and the task you need to work on.

I hope that this helps when you’re on your next search for new study music. Good luck with whatever you’re working on!

Gabrielle Bonnar is a current undergrad student at IUP who enjoys writing for HerCampus. She enjoys writing articles as a way to express her opinions and experiences throughout her life. Also, this acts as an outlet for her to write about new interests and ideas that she might not be able to express as well through her other artistic mediums. Being a member of Her Campus has strenghtened her abilities as a writer and she is excited to see where this portfolio of pieces takes her in the future. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @typical_guby.