Movies to Watch This Valentine's Day

If you're like me, you love sappy movies. Regardless of your current relationship status, there is something about watching two people fall in love and navigate the waters that come with any type of emotions. If you're looking to stockpile on the sappy movies this Valentine's Day, here are 7 movies you should add to your 'must watch' list:

1. Valentine's Day

This is a movie that I, personally, feel does not get enough credit. The movie follows several couples and singles as Valentine's Day unfolds.

2. The Notebook

A classic or a cliche. This movie set all of our expectations sky-high while mascara ran down our cheeks. A love like Noah and Allie is ultimate goals.

3. 50 First Dates

Another movie that is very underappreciated. A kind of love like this is so genuine and pure. This movie defined "in sickness and in health."

4. The Wedding Planner

While not the most ideal circumstances to fall in love, this movie is still incredibly sweet. The amount of chemistry between Mary and Steve is natural and something that just could not be ignored.

5. Definitely, Maybe

This movie is borderline flawless. Realizing who your true love is while telling your daughter about your life? Yes, please. Throw in the unbreakable bond between father and daughter, and, yep, I'm crying.

6. Love & Basketball

This is by far my favorite movie. A friendship that turns into a relationship that grows apart and then comes back together. Monica and Q are ultimate goals because some things you just can't walk away from forever.


Happy watching! HCXO!


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