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Meet Tara Kenna. Tara is a junior biology major with a pre-med track at IUP. She is from Centreville, Maryland where she attended Queen Anne’s County High School.

Tara has always been interested in medicine. She originally chose IUP for the 3 + 4 optometry program. However, when she found out that the major wasn’t for her, she switched to biology which still allowed her to follow her dreams of becoming a doctor.

Tara is a member of the Cook Honors College, the biology honors program, and the American Chemical Society (ACS). As a member of ACS, Tara tutors students who are taking general chemistry courses.

As for her hobbies, Tara enjoys watching all sports, but loves playing field hockey. Since she is not able to play anymore, she fills her spare time by working out. Tara also likes any type of water sport on the bay such as boating and fishing.

Tara’s advice for upcoming freshmen is to take advantage of office hours. “If you make yourself known to the professor, they will be more likely to help you.”

College has changed Tara for the better. She now gets an adrenaline rush from couponing and saving money at the grocery store. As students, we can all relate to the happiness of saving money even if it’s just a couple extra dollars.

Tara’s favorite memory from college thus far is playing extreme spoons in Ruddock Hall her first year. Extreme spoons is played the same way as regular spoons, but once you grab a spoon you have to do something else, such as running down the hallway, before you are deemed the winner. (Warning: this game can get pretty intense!)

After college, Tara would like to attend medical school, preferably at New York University. Once she completes medical school, she plans to work as a neurosurgeon.


(All photos via Tara Kenna)

Kate is a senior Communications Media major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania from Bentleyville, Pennsylvania. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, taking long naps, eating ice cream with lots of sprinkles, photography, musicals, walking her dog, and listening to 60s/70s music.
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