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Meet Olivia Grim! Olivia is a sophomore Hospitality Management major from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

While she had originally planned to come to IUP for nursing, Olivia realized that the health care industry was not for her. When asked how she decided upon Hospitality Olivia said, “I stumbled upon the hospitality major accidently. A friend of a friend had majored in it and was graduating with a job- that was a very appealing prospect.  I went to the counseling center and learned more about the major. One of the counselors there put me in contact with an IUP alumni and her and I set up a dialogue between us. She really helped me and was very comforting to talk to when I needed support.”

Sometimes when students are considering a major switch, they also consider leaving the university they currently attend. Olivia decided to stay at IUP because she found it very freeing to be away from home. Also, being away from home has made her rely on herself and push herself out of her comfort zone to make friends and deal with problems on her own.


At IUP, Olivia is a writer for Her Campus, a member of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity, and a Co-captain for the IUP Women’s Rugby Team! She would definitely recommend getting involved in these activities for anyone looking to do more at IUP.

When I asked Olivia what her favorite memory of IUP, she had trouble picking just one. Instead she explained that “I think my favorite memory of IUP has been a series of memories. Coming back for my second year was a really great feeling. I really felt comfortable, like I belonged here. It was great to see all my friends again in one place. It is an exciting feeling to know you have a new year, a fresh start, and a new semester to look forward to.”

All college students experience tough days. On her tough days Olivia relies on “NAPS! But in all seriousness my family and friends. If I’m having a bad day I call my dad and talk to him or I spend time with my friends, they are always there whenever I need a shoulder to cry on and I am forever grateful.”


Olivia’s advice to underclassmen: “Get involved. College is what you make of it and when you boil everything down life is really about who you know and what you’ve done. Yes, education and grades and classes are important but if you don’t know people and you don’t have the necessary skills to carry on conversations you’re never going to get anywhere.”

One last bit of information that Olivia wanted to share was her favorite quote, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I will always get up whenever I fall, even if I have to walk, run, or crawl.”

As someone who knows Olivia personally, she has such an incredible personality and is an even better friend! If you see her on campus, be sure to say hi!

Danielle Jones is from Jeannette, Pennsylvania--a small town with big pride. As an English, Writing major with a minor is Business Administration she loves words and truly believes in their power. She is currently one of two Campus Correspondents for Her Campus at IUP. In her free time, Danielle enjoys reading, writing, and all things Shonda Rhimes.
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