Meet Julie Lee!

Meet Julie Lee, a junior cellular molecular biology major at IUP. Julie is from Cranberry Township in Butler County, Pennsylvania where she attended Seneca Valley High School.

At IUP, Julie is a member of the Biology Honors Program, Forensics Club, and Cook Honors College where she serves on the executive board as the junior coordinator.

Julie chose IUP because of the scholarships from the Honors College, it is close to her home, and it was overall just the best option.

Her advice to upcoming college freshmen is to go to Friday night Bingo at the HUB (there’s free food and prizes!).

Outside of college, Julie enjoys kayaking and volunteering at the library in her hometown.

Julie’s dream job would be to become a geneticist and work in a lab. She would like to work for the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

College has changed Julie by solidifying her decision as to what she wants to do in the future. After arriving at college and taking classes, one of her professors asked her to go to Maryland with him for a training workshop to conduct research. Julie was able to gain experience within her field and made her feel better about the career path she chose.

Julie’s favorite memory from college thus far is when her professor, Dr. Luciano, made her a TA (teaching assistant) for a cellular molecular biology course. As a TA, Julie sat in on the classes and helped any students that were having trouble with the material being taught. This was a defining moment of her college career as it showed that her professor trusted and thought highly of her.

After college, Julie does not have any specific plans, but would like to either get a job or attend graduate school.


(All photos supplied by Julie)