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Meet Erin Stewart, a communications media with a media production track major who is graduating in December of 2019. She grew up in Mount Airy, Maryland, and her alma mater is Linganore High School.

At first, she went into IUP with a journalism major because she loved her journalism classes in high school and at that time that’s what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. In her Sophomore year, she took a communications class (TV Production) and loved that even more than journalism. After that class, she recognized how talented she was and then thrived while producing content for people to enjoy watching. Journalism wouldn’t have allowed her to be as creative as she is in her videos. She understands that switching into communications media with a media production track was the best thing that could’ve happened to her.

Erin chose IUP because she wanted to attend a smaller campus, but not too small where everyone knows each one another. She sought out this campus because of its cute small town surrounding it. When Erin was applying for colleges her mom told her about her friends’ daughter who went to IUP and loved it. At the time her dream school was Virginia Tech because her dad and brother went there and wanted to keep the tradition going. She knew that her SAT scores gave her a slim chance of getting into Virginia Tech. Therefore, when Erin toured IUP, she felt the same vibe that she previously had at Virginia Tech when looking at IUPs campus and its town. Philadelphia Street reminded her of home, and she knew right away that she would love it there.

TV production was Erin’s favorite class because it made her realize that she can flourish in production. She had an amazing professor that made Erin believe that she can do anything if she just put herself out there. He made her feel comfortable with herself including her out-going personality. If it wasn’t for that class, Erin would’ve still been majoring in journalism and too afraid to change her career path into something that truly makes her happy. Erin is a member of IUPTV and WIUPFM stations where she worked with camera and audio boards. She worked with the promotions team by coming up with interesting and enjoyable events around campus to promote the stations.

Erin’s favorite hangout spot on campus is the Oak Grove because it is stunning in every season, especially when it is warm and everyone is out there with their friends throwing frisbees, laying in hammocks, and studying together. It is a place for her to sit back and think of creative ideas for classes and hobbies. Her hobbies include listening to different genres of music, adventuring with her friends, and creating content online to entertain individuals.

Her plans after college include working with either a radio station or a TV station in the D.C. area or in New York City. Her advice for freshmen is to get involved. It may be a cliché thing to say and everyone says it, but it is so true. Even though Erin is in a few clubs, she wishes that she started earlier so that she could’ve developed more skills to become a producer of a show that airs on IUPTV or been the promotions coordinator for WIUPFM. Erin says, “getting involved is the best way to meet new people because you will most likely be surrounded by them for the rest of your time in college”. Erin has met her closest friends through these clubs and putting these clubs on your resume will enhance your chances of getting that interview or position since you now have the experience.

If anything has changed since college it would be Erin’s work ethic. College has made her better at time management. In high school she would wait till the last possible second to do an assignment or not put a lot of time and energy into the work because she knew that she had other assignments that would boost her grade. In college, she doesn’t have that luxury, so she had to learn to manage her time more wisely. It was hard her freshman year, but as a senior, she believes she is close to perfecting time management.

Her favorite memory from college so far has been the sports games. Attending to the homecoming football games, playing against our rivals in basketball, and seeing the locals and college students all together supporting our team is an amazing experience to see and be a part of. Since she was little, college sports have always been a huge part of her life.

Erin’s dream job is to be the producer on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. An interesting fact about Erin is that she has a YouTube channel where she vlogs her everyday life with her friends. She does challenges, shows video montages of places she’s travelled, and creates content that she finds entertaining. Erin makes videos to look back on the memories she has with friends and at specific places she’s travelled. Although she’s only been posting YouTube videos for a year, she loves looking back and seeing how much she’s grown.

Forever 21 is one of Erin’s favorite stores because its trendy and inexpensive, which is fantastic for a broke college student. Erin likes playing with makeup; her favorite brand is Tarte because of their “Shape Tape” concealer and their “Born this Way” foundation. 

A couple random facts about Erin are that shehas two golden-doodles, she’s been to Ireland and would love to go back, and she loves shrimp hibachi!



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