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Living A Positive Life Around Negative People

There will be times in your life where you have to love some individuals from a distance. Loving from a distance is important for your self-care and overall happiness, as well as your future. So, what is loving from a distance? It does not mean to cut the people in your life off and never speak to them again, but more so separating yourself and giving them less of your time. This can be for a number of reasons: too much negativity, these individuals are influencing you to make bad decisions, or simply because at the point of life you are currently in you must focus on different things that they are not focused on at the moment. This does not just go for significant others, but family members and friends as well. Take a second to think who you have in your life right now who brings any type of toxicity; it may be time to love them from a distance. Never feel guilty for taking action, your happiness should always be your top priority.

Sometimes, we just need small “time-outs” from life. And people. Take some time to figure what you need or what needs to be changed, only you will truly know how you are feeling, so seeking answers from others will not be the way to go. One thing that I do know is that communication is key. If you need to take a personal time-out, especially from a friend or family member, it will be better off if you get your feelings across and maybe tell them why. Communicating this with them will not only bring awareness that you are dealing with emotions and need to take care of yourself, but it also has a chance to make them do some self-reflecting as well.

Always remember the importance of self-care. It is okay to reach out and help loved ones who are in pits, but never allow them to pull you down into the pit with them. Protect your space, energy, and mind!

Graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a B.S in Child Development and Family Relations in May 2018. I have a passion for working with the youth, making a difference in the community, and having a positive impact on individual's lives. "A good woman, trying to be a better woman, while inspiring and helping the next woman."
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