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Kissing Styles of the Zodiacs

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

As silly as this article may be, my girlfriends and I have decided that we aspire to kiss every zodiac sign while in college. Together, we discuss and compare each sign’s style of kissing to the others, as well as how much we’ve personally enjoyed their kisses based on our preferences. This list is not intended to be hurtful or meant to objectify any person or sign. This is just a fun list (completely my opinion), and not meant to be taken seriously at all. To be transparent, I write this article as a Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, and Sagittarius rising, though I’ll do my best to remain impartial to these three signs regardless of relation to my placements.


I seriously dated a Virgo for three months last year and kissed a few in high school. I can say with confidence that they bring the heat for the first kiss, but after a while, it becomes less interesting and more boring. Earth signs generally value routine, so once they decide you’re worth their time, they generally put forth less effort, and try to get into a comfortable space. This can feel a bit boring and not super exciting after a while of this. If you’re looking for a fun kisser, Virgo is not it. However, there is a lot of lip biting and sucking involved with this sign. 


Yeah, they’re known to be a flirty sign, but their kissing isn’t always it. While I’ve only experienced one or two Libras, my girls can attest that they are quite dominant and more aggressive kissers. They’re a bit forceful, rather than passionate. If you’re into that, go for it, but for me, they’re at 11. 


Fire signs are hot, and fixed signs are hotter, but sadly, I’ve experienced Leos to be kind of sloppy kissers and they lack a lot of coordination. They don’t always know which ways to tilt their head or how to move their lips, and kissing them can sometimes be awkward.


In regular ranking, this sign is my second favorite sign of all time, but for kissing, they’re not that exciting. Personally, I love a lot of PDA, but this sign is very reserved and prefers romantic moments behind closed doors. However, once you get them behind closed doors, they’re very sweet, gentle kissers, but you kind of have to lead the way. They don’t always know what they’re doing, and they don’t take many risks (in life, or romantically), so they like commitment. If you’re committed to a Cap, that is when you’ll see a beautiful spark with them. 


Now, this sign brings the water. Yes, they kiss with a bit too much tongue, but they kiss slow and wait for you to take the lead. Being the sign of the crab, they have a tendency to be grabby with their claws. The one cancer I’ve been with preferred to move his hands a lot, even grabbing down a bit with his nails. They kind of emulate the crab really well. 


After being romantically involved with an Aquarius for over a year, I can say that they are often as dominant as Libra’s, but they’re a bit more self-conscious. From my personal observations, Aquarians care about the energy they put out. They may be as aggressive as Libra’s, but they’re careful about what they do. I’ve experienced Aquarians caring about consent, being warm cuddlers, knowing just where to put their hands, but biting a little bit too much. They’re lovely, but I haven’t felt too deep a connection to them, so sadly I don’t rank them too highly. 


This sign is my all-time favorite sign. Once again, being a water sign, let’s just say they bring the water… yeah, their kisses get a little sloppy. They kiss with a lot of tongue and a lot of head-turning. Pisces kisses will likely leave you wiping your mouth after a kiss, but what do you expect from a sign with a fish as their symbol? I must say I rank them a little higher because they are assertive while being consensual, without being too much. Very similar to Aquarians style, but Pisces is a bit sweeter and gentler than an Aquarius will ever be.


This sign has a reputation to be toxic, but they’re so hot. Their kisses start innocent, but they definitely build. In general, they’re known to be the “brainer nerds” of the zodiac, so their kissing is smart and thought-out, usually building to a powerful head. However, they’re a very chaotic sign and their kissing is all over the place. They lack rhythm and their kisses are always changing pace. In terms of reliability, they are by far the most inconsistent kisser of the whole zodiac–when it comes to showing up on time or keeping the same kissing style each time. 


Once again I say, fixed signs are hot. Taureans are intense and passionate. They move their hands a lot, similar to Cancers, but less grabby and more gentle grazing and holding. They’re a bit clumsy and might kiss awkwardly, but to avoid feeling self-conscious about this, they strive for routine and comfortability. Their kisses have a perfect pressure on them but, similar to Capricorn, they prefer the flow of routine and to be in a relationship. 


I must admit, I don’t love this sign. I’ve found Sagittarians to be quite toxic in general, but I also find that I’m most attracted to them. It’s fair to say that I’ve kissed this sign the most, and for that reason, I rank them a bit higher. I’ve noticed they match the kissing style. Sagittarians will kiss you however you like to be kissed and somehow know exactly how to move their lips to copy your movements. Sag’s are quite adventurous in nature, so kissing them can be very fun and exciting.


This water sign has a reputation for being sexy and intense and their kissing is the same. Of course, I hold a little bias because it’s my sign, but Scorpio just knows how to kiss! It’s common for astrologers to say Scorpios have an “oral fixation.” This fixation can mean that Scorp’s have a tendency to overeat, smoke, drink, talk a lot, or kiss a lot. Scorpios are skilled with their mouths, so it’s logical they are skilled kissers. 


I have to admit, Aries is definitely number 1. They’re such a hot fire sign and great kissers. They use perfect pressure when they kiss, and they have such a sexy way of letting you lead the way, and then they take charge. They ease their way into a kiss in a sexy way, while also keeping a lot of consent and making you feel special. 

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