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Breast cancer affects us all in some way. For almost 40 years Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been a campaign held during the spooky month of October. If ghosts and goblins don’t scare you breast cancer will! A big reason why I am writing this awareness article is to make you aware of why you should feel up your BOObies. ;)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual campaign held in October to raise awareness about breast cancer (of course), its prevention, early detection, and ways to treat it. It aims to educate individuals about the importance of regular screenings, self-examinations, and understanding the risk factors surrounding breast cancer. The month-long initiative also highlights the need for support and resources for those affected by the disease, while promoting fundraising efforts for research and improved patient care. By spreading knowledge and encouraging proactive measures, Breast Cancer Awareness Month plays a crucial role in saving lives and promoting overall breast health.

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the cells of the breast. It primarily affects women but can also occur in men. Risk factors for breast cancer include age, family history, certain genetic mutations, hormonal factors, and lifestyle choices. Now I’m not saying to blame your family or eat 20 large bowls of kale. But it can happen to anyone and being aware and helping others also be aware is what helps best spread information on breast cancer. Some symptoms may include a lump or thickening in the breast or underarm, changes in breast size or shape, nipple discharge, or skin changes. Solely based on this 80% of young women who later get diagnosed with breast cancer find it themselves first. Early detection through regular mammograms and self-examinations is crucial for better treatment outcomes. Treatment includes surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy, depending on the stage and characteristics of the cancer. Breast cancer awareness and education play a vital role in promoting early detection, reducing risk factors, and supporting those affected by the disease.


Why I’m aware.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month only brings me back to the fine women who created me. My Mother! Who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer that was also metastatic. Metastatic cancer just means it spreads to other parts of your body. My mom just knew how to do it right, I guess. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the ripe age of 27 with three young children and was given six weeks to live. That’s a very scary thing to hear and find out at a young age with small children. The hardest part I would believe for my mother was having to explain to said children that Mommy wouldn’t be around forever. A book that really explained cancer to my siblings and I was a book called “In Mommy’s Garden,” and it made a really big impact on how my siblings and I understood cancer. “I didn’t really understand what cancer was. But one day, when we were in our garden, she explained it to me.” Which is a direct quote from the book. My mother sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2013 at the age of 32. And is a big reason I want to make others aware.

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