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I am

I am the product left after charcoal has been

stressed for long periods of time.

I am the tenderness of a kiss of the forehead and

sensuality of a kiss on the lips.

I am the result of many failed attempts of giving up,

where achievement was the only option left.

I am the growth of many flowers blossoming

after a harsh winter has passed.

I am the young girl once lost who found

her way to womanhood.

I am the blending of Beethoven and Picasso,

creating visual vibrating sonatas.

I am the creative soul fighting to break free

of societal constraints yearning to bust into thousands

of butterflies finally out of the chrysalis.

I am the soul unfurled, ready to embark on life’s

journey with no fear.


Photo by Vanessa M. DeCardenas

Poem by Naporje D. Washington

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