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I miss movies. I guess not the movie itself, but the experience of going out. This pandemic has changed everything and it seems like it has only just begun. 

When I was little my mom, brother, and I had a movie night every week. We'd gather in the living room and eat candy and popcorn and watch the latest movie for rent. This is one of the best things we did and also one of my favorite memories. One of my favorite things to do now is to go to the theater. Covid has ruined that and here is why. Movies are not being filmed and/or released. Theaters are closed for social distancing. 

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Growing up in a small town there are only 3 things we can do when we're bored. 1. Go bowling, 2. Go to a movie theater/drive-in, 3. Go to Walmart. Here is another huge problem, Walmart decided to close instead of being 24/7. It's hard for me to make light of the situation like everyone says when nothing good has come out of it. The only thing I can look forward to now is summer and swimming. 

Movies on Netflix will keep coming out, but it's just not the same. I wish we could go back to normal. Normal where we could go to the movies and smuggle food, we could go out to eat, we could smile at cashiers or just in general without being shielded.

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Alicia is an aspiring doctor. She intends to graduate from IUP in 2022 and attend Medical School directly after to become a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics. She enjoys watching movies, hanging with friends, and community service. She is a dog lover and has a pug names Porky that makes her smile on her worst days. Family is everything to her as you probably have read.
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