How to Unwind During Finals Week: IUP Spring 2017

It’s the most stressful time of the year! Finals week. Aaahhhh, where do I start? Cramming for four exams at once, working on a final project or presentation, trying to get those last minute A’s and B’s, struggling to get enough sleep amongst saying goodbye to your friends and packing up your belongings. Don’t let finals week get to your head. There are plenty of ways that you can relax around campus without spending much money. Lastly, if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed feel free to read my last article here.


1) Therapy Dogs.

Every semester before finals week the library would always have therapy dogs, typically for 3-4 hours during the afternoon. The turnout is always positive and the doggies adore getting attention all day. Not only do they love it, but it also benefits you! Touch and movement are two healthy ways to quickly manage stress; stroking a dog lowers blood pressure and can help you quickly feel calmer and less stressed ( After careful searching I don’t believe that the therapy dogs will be at the library this semester, but don’t worry! Just Paws Therapy Dogs is held in Suites on Maple East, room G60. Here are the times for the next two weeks:

  • Thursday, May 4
    • 6:00 PM– 7:30 PM
  • Tuesday, May 9 
    • 11:00 AM– 12:30 PM


2) Netflix & Chill and Finals Study Break.

This year STATIC is hosting two events the Thursday and Friday before finals week. Take a break and have some fun before finals week begins! Don’t forget to bring blankets and pillows for Netflix and Chill, and feel free to dress up! There will be prizes for best costume. Free food is provided at both events, so there’s a reason why you should go!


3) Pancakes at Midnight.

Did someone say pancakes? Yes, I did, and they’re FREE! Come down to St. Thomas More University Parish’s basement for Pancakes at Midnight! Clear your calendars for Tuesday, May 8th at 11:59PM and Wednesday, May 9th at 11:59PM. Anyone is welcome! They are accepting non-perishable food donations for those in need, so try to bring some if you can. I included the event page underneath for any further information you may have.


4) Order delivery to the library. 

I know some of you may not have the time to attend these events, so that is why I included this option. Many people don’t know this but you can get food delivered to the library! Finding a seat in the library during finals week is like looking for a needle in a hay pile. If you already have a seat and need to leave to eat, then there’s a 200% chance that you’re going to lose it. Why not order delivery instead? Split a pizza with some friends or get Insomnia Cookies if you know it’s going to be a late night.

That’s all, folks. Wishing you all the best during finals week!