Holiday Style DO's and DON'Ts

Don we now our gay apparel! Fa la la la la la la la la!  It’s that time of the year again!  Sleigh bells are ringing. Lights are sparkling. Santa is ho-ho-ing, and collegiette’s are dressing up for holiday parties, family events, and nights out on the town!

What are this season’s holiday DOs and DON’Ts?  Her Campus IUP has compiled a full list of wardrobe choices that will leave you looking and feeling stylish and cozy!

DO Wear...

peacoats!  a classic cut that will never go out of style- find a peacoat in a fun color!

scarves!  warm and soft, scarves keep the cold winter wind at bay- try the ever popular infinity scarf to avoid wrapping mishaps

glitter!  be it in a headband, clutch, or dress, glitter and sequins will make you to twinkle and shine this holiday
boots!  high, low, leather, laced, buttoned, colored, brown, black, heeled- comfy and stylish boots are every outfit’s best friend

colors!  reds, pinks, blacks, and greys are classic holiday colors

DON’T Wear...

ski/sport coats!  save bulky, unbecoming jackets for the slopes

muffs!  do you really want to draw attention to your hands?  Mittens are easier and cuter- a much better choice

holiday themed accessories!  step away from the snowman earrings, the reindeer pin, the sweater with the snowflake buttons- just step away
snow boots!  yes, they are warm and waterproof- but for fashion, we take our chances with cold feet

only red & green!  your outfit can reflect the holiday season while still excluding red and green striped leggings, sweaters, dresses...

Follow these simple style DOs and DON’Ts to look hot in the cold winter weather!

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