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Holiday Cookies For Your Christmas Platter

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Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

This cookie is very festive as it is red! It is a super soft cookie on the inside and the outer coating is crispy. I am a red velvet lover and I think these would be so good and add a splash of color on your cookie platter this holiday season!

Recipe found here: https://www.christmas-cookies.com/recipes/hand-shaped-cookies/red-velvet-crinkle-cookies/

Peanut Butter Blossoms

These cookies are ICONIC. If you do not have these on your cookie platter, you haven’t lived. I don’t know if it is a Pittsburgh thing or an actual thing, but I love this cookie. It is such a classic! If you haven’t tried it, it is a peanut butter cookie with a Hershey’s kiss pushed in the center. It is soft, chewy, and delicious.

Recipe found here: https://www.aheadofthyme.com/peanut-butter-blossoms/

Lindt Shortbread Cookies

I am a big fan of a good shortbread cookie. Now, there is a lot of controversy with these as they are dry. However, there is such thing as a soft shortbread cookie. If it is good, it will melt in your mouth. The chocolate on top adds a bit of flavor that will melt in your mouth and just top off this cookie. Something different to add to the platter.

Recipe found here: https://explore.lindtusa.com/national-cookie-day/

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