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This DIY is seriously so cute, I want to do it right this second. These little ghosts could be used for décor or a cute holiday key chain. I wouldn’t be able to help but smile every time I saw these hanging on my keys. This is also a great budget-friendly DIY that won’t take you hours to do! Definitely would be an adorable addition to your dorm.  

This wreath is just amazing. I literally said out loud, “that’s amazing” when I found this. Although this DIY is quite ambitious, I feel it would totally be worth the effort- it’s so unique and creative. Remember that when making a DIY that it’s exactly that- do it yourself! Make it your own and appreciate your skillset, your creation does not need to look exactly like the picture.  

I’m in love with this October calendar! From the witch’s broom to the little bats, this DIY calendar feels so much like Halloween. What a fun way to count down to Halloween, too. This DIY gives you so much room to make it all your own and even customize it for each holiday all year long! 

Madison is a nursing major looking to spread kindness and understanding!
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