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Great Gifts for Mother’s Day

May 12th is fast approaching and I’m willing to bet that many Her Campus readers have yet to even think about a Mother’s Day gift.  Before you hastily buy a simple card Saturday night, consider some of these suggestions, compiled just for you by Her Campus IUP.


Moms love flowers.  It’s a scientifically proven fact.  A bouquet of something pretty will make your mom feel appreciated and loved.  Rather than ordering the cliche carnation bouquet, see if your mom’s favorite flowers are in season.  Letting your mom know that you pay attention to the details will make her feel even more special.  If you don’t know your mom’s favorite flower, go for something that just smells nice.  The pretty factor of a bouquet may wear off after a few days, but catching a whiff of a sweet scent will never get old and it will remind your mom of you whenever she smells it.

Something Useful!

To completely generalize, mom’s cook, clean, and garden.  The tools required to complete these tasks become worn over the years or less efficient as stores showcase new inventions.  Would your mom love a new and improved whisk?  Does she need a more powerful vacuum?  How about a stainless steel spade?  If your mom is set on the gadget front, update her chore-accomplishing wardrobe.  Floral gloves for gardening or cleaning, a ruffled apron, or a cute organizer can add flair and fashion to your mom’s daily routine.

Hobby Specific Gifts!

Everyone has a hobby.  Does your mom love to knit?  Is she in a book club?  Is she an exercise fanatic?  Hobby specific gifts show that you pay attention to your mom’s interests and will prove to be useful in her daily life.  A hobby specific gift will also have a positive association in your mother’s mind.  Not only will this gift remind her of you, it will remind her of her favorite activity too!

While these are all great suggestions, keep in mind that your mom will love whatever you choose to get her.  Mother’s Day gifts should come from the heart.  Find something that suits your mom’s individuality perfectly.  Find something that shows just how much you love and appreciate all your mom does for you!

Images from: proflowers.com; thinkprogress.com; cbsnews.com

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