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What does a girl boss mean to me? A girl boss to me is someone who is making moves that make them happy or expanding themselves as an individual. There are many upon many girl bosses out there but I thought I would highlight some of my favorites to this date.

Steph bohrer

Let me introduce Steph Bohrer to you. Steph is a book-tuber and she is expanding herself onto TikTok. She is 19 years old and she attends the University of Alabama but is currently attending the University of Sussex for a study abroad program. She uploads videos about the books she reads, daily vlogs of her day, and even makeup routines. Here is Steph herself:

Why do I think Steph is a girl boss? I think she’s a girl boss because she is living her life to the fullest and she is making the most of it in many ways possible. She sees opportunities and she takes them and she is not afraid to go out and risk it all for the time of her life. I enjoy watching her content because of her personality and the adventures that she goes on and all in all the way that she inspires not only myself but the other people that watch her. She makes me want to travel and she was one of the reasons why I became addicted to reading.

Kendall Rae

If you love true crime and YouTube then you know who Kendall Rae is. She is a true-crime queen and an amazing content creator. She is the second girl boss that I look up to and have looked up to for a long time now. Before we start here is some background on Kendall. Kendall is a 28-year-old female who grew up in Boston. She is married with a child on the way and she has created an amazing network for herself. Here is Kendall:

I think Kendall is the ultimate girl boss. Through her YouTube, she educates her viewers on true crime cases and she advocates for these victims as well in these videos. I love watching her and I’ve learned so much about the people she has talked about, she has even talked about a local case near my hometown I had no idea had happened. You can personally contact Kendall about a case that has happened in your family or a case that she has yet discovered and she will cover it. She also raises funds for an organization called Her Justice, she creates products and most of the proceeds go to this organization. She also collaborates with other companies that donate to Her Justice as well. Her Justice is a company that provides legal help to women in need of that legal help in New York City. Kendall is amazing for what she is doing and what she has done and that’s why I look up to this girl boss.

Brittney is a Disability Service Major with a minor in Business Management. Some of Brittney's favorite things to do is read books, listen to Doja Cat and shop till she drops. She hopes to one day own her own business and live on the beach!!!
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