Get to Know Maren Fadley, STATIC Executive Member

Allow me to introduce you to Maren Fadley, a junior studying Human Resource Management with a minor in Marketing. During her time at IUP so far she has been involved with STATIC (Student Activity Committee), Her Campus, American Marketing Association, and Phi Gamma Nu.

Maren currently is the Music Chair for STATIC, in which she selects which musicians perform on campus each school year and does hospitality for the artists. Maren agreed to sharing some of her personal experiences since working with STATIC and hopes to encourage students to become a general member and attend STATIC’s events on campus. Pictured above is Maren posing with 3OH!3 members, Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman, when they performed at IUP in October of 2016. 


Can you explain to the readers about what STATIC exactly is?

"STATIC is the Student Activity Committee which is the student ran programming board on campus. We plan all the concerts and most of the events you see on campus throughout the semester and during Welcome Weekend."

Facebook: The Student Activity Committee

Twitter: @STATICatIUP

Instagram: @STATICatIUP

Snapchat: @STATICatIUP


How did you get involved with the organization?

"During Welcome Weekend my freshman year, I walked into the first event of the weekend and the first table I saw was the TEN table (one of STATIC’s predecessors). I became a general member right then and moved up to a Board Member at the end of my sophomore year."


What has been your favorite event since being either a general/executive member?

"My favorite event was the first concert I attended as a freshman, Chance the Rapper. I didn’t work this show as a general member but it was absolutely my favorite event. It was about a year after his second mix tape came out, right before he blew up, and there were only about 1900 people in the crowd. So amazing."


What was your most memorable memory since being involved?

"My most memorable event was probably the Mac Miller concert this past Fall semester. It was my first show as the Vice Music chair and I was in charge of dressing rooms, hospitality, and basically making sure Mac Miller did what he needed to do. That’s like a really big responsibility and if that show was at any other venue on that tour there would have been real adults doing my job."


Do you think that having your position will prepare you for your future endeavor and life after college?

"Absolutely. My position with STATIC is literally what I said was my dream job in high school. Working with artists and entertainers and interacting with people. The job is similar to an internship/real life job which is scary, but it has also made me realize some of my dreams maybe aren’t so far out of reach. I’ve made friends and connections through this organization and seen myself grow beyond belief."


If someone is interested in being a general member, what will their involvement entail?

"General members are invited to come out to meetings, promo tables, and to help us out with events, like concerts and speakers. Head to our website to fill out the application and get more information!"




If you see her around campus feel free to say hello. Don't forget to check out all of STATIC's upcoming events this semster. Thank you for taking the time to read about a member of the IUP community!