Finals Weeks Do's and Don'ts

After what seemed like fourteen of the longest weeks ever, the semester is almost over! But first, you've got to conquer one of the most stressful weeks in your college career: finals week. 

If this is your first time taking finals as a college freshman, you might not know what to expect. You might have heard some talk about how hard finals in college are, MUCH harder than finals were in high school. You may even be a little intimidated. 

Worry not! Here are some tips to get your through finals week:

  • Do pace yourself: 
    • Allow time for breaks
    • Get up and stretch every thirty minutes or so 
    • Be realistic with your goals 
    • Doing too much studying at once is just going to leave you overwhelmed 
  • Don't blow off any projects: 
    • Be mindful of deadlines 
    • Check the syllabus 
    • Check your student email for reminders from professors 
  • Do practice good study habits: 
    • Make a study schedule (better yet, ask a friend to hold you accountable so you actually start studying when you plan to)
    • Make flashcards
    • Review your notes
    • Reread the chapter (if you have time) 
  • Don't try to cram before the exam
    • Don't wait until the last minute to start studying 
    • Your short term memory is not as good as you think 
    • It's stressful (and you definitely don't need more stress in your life) 
  • Do get plenty of sleep and rest
    • Try to get at least eight hours of sleep 
    • If you can't, naps help (but no more than 20 minutes or you'll end up feeling groggy) 
    • Remember to drink water
    • Take care of yourself 
  • Don't stress out! 
    • Stay positive
    • You've already come so far
    • You can do it!