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It’s spooky season so that means it’s the perfect time for pumpkin patches and hot chocolate. I think that some of the farms around campus are not known to the college population. So let’s explore some of these farms together and more!

Reeger’s Farm

Reeger’s is only open on the weekends. But this farm offers a variety of different things to do. They offer Hayrides to the pumpkin patch. They have a corn maze that you can go through and also a barnyard to visit to see the animals. On the weekends they do have food trucks, but they also have a market to shop at for food as well.

The rustic ranch

This is also another farm that you can visit on the weekends. They have a Facebook page so if you want look them up on there for updates about the dates that they are holding things. During the week they do have a self serve stand that you can visit and get pumpkins and other fall squash needs. They have a petting zoo, a hay ride and a corn maze. They do have food available at the farm for purchase and they have something called a corn pit that you can play in.

yarnick’s farm

Like the other two farms this farm does have hayrides and a corn maze. I think there is also a pumpkin patch that you can walk onto at this farm, don’t quote me on that though. Yarnick’s farm is open everyday for a certain time period but they also serve food at their own stand.

bonus: Haunted Trail

This haunted trail is in Homer City, not too far out of Indiana. This trail is called Scary Harry’s and this trail is also only open on the weekends and they are open in the evenings/nights. This trail is a fan favorite in the area and has many awards on their website. So head out to Homer City for some good spooks!

photo of corn field
Aaron Burden/Unsplash
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