Dear Porky

If there’s one thing to know about me it’s that I love dogs. Who doesn’t!?! My dog, Porky, is a 13-year-old sassy and spunky little pug. I have cried to him, sought comfort from him, and took care of him for about 7 years of his life. The previous owners had him for his beginning life but didn’t want him anymore because he made one mistake. He was to be put down and I was his saving grace. I loved him the moment I first held him. He was my forever friend and I am his. I always wish he could talk back to me but he can’t. On my saddest days his comfort is the only thing keeping me sane.

This is what I’d say if he could understand:

Dear Porky,

Ever since I first met you and you jumped on my lap and gave me all your kisses, I knew I loved you more than anything. You are getting older and mom called me the other day. She said that you’re losing your hearing and you’re getting older. I cried because I can’t stand the thought of losing you. When I was younger, I didn’t have the best experience in school. I felt alone, unwanted, and annoying. When I got home, though, Porky, you were the first one to acknowledge me, you were the first one to give me love, and you were the first one to make me feel wanted. I would come home and cry and you’d be my pillow because you were always there to comfort me. There were great days too! You make me smile because of the way you bark at me when I ignore you. You make me smile when you force your big butt next to me even though you know you don’t fit. You make me smile when you do your business and start kicking dirt up to cover it like a cat would. You make me smile when you try to play with the bigger dogs and they let you win. You just make me smile. You’re the light in my life. When I leave home, it breaks my heart because I have to leave you. When I come home you always greet me the same way though, with a kiss and the same love you had for me when I left. I will never forget the memories we share even after you’re gone. I will bask in your remembrance as I reflect on the positivity you gave me. I hope that day isn’t close, but if it is always know that I love you and losing you will be the hardest thing I’ll ever have to go through. I didn’t save you, you saved me.


Love, Alicia.

Everybody needs to cherish their animal no matter what type. Every animal is precious and every animal needs the same kind of love you do. Even though sometimes they act up and annoy you, they give you unconditional love. He helped me overcome a huge depression in which I didn’t know I could. Porky will be gone in the future, but I will never forget how he made me feel and how strong he’s made me.