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Daisy Dukes, Bikinis on Top: Katy Perry-Style Icon of the Week

After a rapid few years of releasing a new album, going on a 124 -date world tour, getting married (and unfortunately divorced), rising to the top of today’s pop charts, and releasing a behind-the-scenes movie about herself, Katy Perry has become an entertainment icon all over the globe. She holds the record for the first female artist to have five number one singles off of one album. The only other artist to ever achieve this feat was Michael Jackson. Most recently, she has been named Billboard’s Woman of the Year.

What makes Katy so unique is that along this journey of rising to stardom, she has maintained a signature sense of style. She has tokened the blue wig and coined the cupcake bra, just to name a few. Katy is known for her quirky style, which makes her so prominent worldwide. But along with her quirky style, Katy also knows how to dress cute and classy too. Not only does she have a wide range of styles, but she also looks good in all of them. That is why Katy Perry is this weeks Her Campus IUP style icon. After all, if she can rock blue hair, she can rock almost anything.

Quirky Queen

Katy Perry may be the only person I know who makes candy seem like an acceptable piece of attire. This dazzling diva has worn outfits with spinning peppermints on her dress, cupcakes on her bra, and lollipops on her shirt, and who can forget her famous “California Gurlz” music video? Name any type of candy, and chances are that Katy has worn it on an outfit. Katy Perry loves showing her childish side, and she even shoots cotton candy scent into the air at her concert venues to compliment her candy-coated costumes. The best part about Katy’s quirky outfits is the confident attitude that she wears with them. Katy looks fabulous in even the most outrageous ensembles, and this pop princess definitely redefines the term “eye candy.”

Casual Cutie

When Katy isn’t busy being a candy queen, she is like any other woman, just like you and me. Katy can transition from one extreme to another very gracefully. She has been photographed in cute sundresses, trendy jeans, and my personal favorite outfit to wear, leggings and an oversized shirt. Katy has mastered the cute, casual style. She is constantly in the public eye just like all celebrities, but unlike many of them, Katy looks presentable no matter where she goes; she keeps herself put together.

Classy Chick

When Katy Perry steps onto a red carpet, all eyes are on her. She completely changes from a sweet treat on stage to a star in stilettos. After all, she has to look good when she accepts all the awards she has won. Katy has worn Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, and Vera Wang, not to name-drop or anything. What makes Katy so fabulous on the red carpet, is the fact that she doesn’t always wear these classic ball gown-type outfits, so when she steps onto the red velvet, she is sure to make people stop and stare.

Along with her number-one singles comes her chart-topping style, this is what makes Katy Perry a fashion icon. Katy has an ample closet full of variety, but one of the most important things about Katy’s style is that she is confident in her body along with her outfits. Anyone can try to wear a Hershey Kiss bra or a candy button body suit, but unless they have the confidence that Katy has, they will not pull it off. Katy knows when it is appropriate to be a bedazzled beauty and when it is appropriate to be red-carpet ready. This California girl will, without a doubt, continue to rock the music world and the fashion world in years to come.

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