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Concert season at IUP is approaching quickly and the unspoken rules of a concert should be stated. Don’t be an awful human and follow these rules so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

1. Don’t push your way through a crowd if there is visibly no room.

I fully endorse trying to get the best vantage point when you are paying to see an artist perform. However, if you are in the floor section under no circumstances should you push everyone else around so you can get to the front even though everyone is already squished. You are not that special.

2. Do not stick any of your body parts in anyone’s face.

I don’t care how amazing this song is or what A-list artist you're seeing, there is absolutely no reason to shove your elbows, arms, hands, or head into my face. I did not pay money so you could be an inch away from my body. Please and thanks.

3. Don’t drunkenly start fights (or soberly start fights for that matter)

We all want to watch this artist that we are excited about seeing. On the contrary, we all do not want to get in fist fights because the same group of people are constantly creating a shove war. If I tell you to back up a little bit, please do it. Your experience will not be altered that significantly if you move an inch.

IUP is known for selecting some really amazing artists to come here. There are some great artists that are lined up this semester and I hope many Her Campus readers get a chance to see these artists. Hopefully, we can all be respectful of everyone’s personal space and enjoy these experiences. You don’t want your only memory of your favorite artists’ concert to be about that annoying girl who’s yelling in your ear and shoving you into a group of other innocent concert goers. As Ellen DeGeneres says “Be nice to one another.”

Hi everyone! I'm an early childhood and special education major. I'm also in my junior year. I love to binge watch netflix and bake yummy foods. Looking forward to meeting everyone and writing about some womanly things.
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