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A Collegiette’s Guide to Spotting a Player

Have you ever fell for a guy, and then learned that he’s nothing but a player? Yes, you say with a sad face? Well don’t cry about it because we’ve all been there! In the real world dating and dealing with guys is very complex—however dating in college is a completely different story. Many college guys only care about having as much fun as possible, but there are a few good guys waiting to be taken.

Here are some helpful tips on how to spot a player:

What you see is what you get—If you see him on campus or at parties scope him out. If he seems disrespectful or very flirtatious, take it as an early sign. DO NOT make excuses for his behavior or believe that you can change him. You’ll do nothing but hurt yourself in the end. Also, pay attention to the company he keeps, because birds of a feather usually flock together.

Don’t have sex!- If you’re not sure of his motives, understand that sex will do nothing but complicate the situation. If you become too emotionally and physically involved it can distract you from noticing the big picture.

• Never loan money!-Players are a prime example of an opportunist. They will use you for whatever you have or are willing to give. This includes sex, money, food sometimes a place to live, etc. If he gives you a sob story on why he can’t afford something that has to do with finances, beware! If you know he’s no good, giving him money will not ameliorate the situation between the two of you.

• Use common sense—We girls tend to be very emotional and a little bit too understanding. If he tells you that he’s afraid to be in a relationship or not ready because of prior experiences, take it as a sign. If you know that you’re ready for a relationship and have already invested time into someone who turned out to be a waste, move on. Never settle.

Dealing with men is a constant learning process. One thing you should remember is to be you and stay confident! Confidence will not only bring you happiness but attract others to you. Confidence also lets men know that you know what you want and won’t stand for any mess!

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