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A Collegiette’s Guide to Rocking Retro Hair

It’s Saturday afternoon. You have a big date/party/meeting tonight and going that extra mile on your looks will make a killer impression.

This special night requires something above and beyond typical straightening or Jersey Shore poofing.

Rather than spending hours trying to invent the perfect new look, why not take a step into the past and recreate some of history’s greatest styles?

The ladies of yesteryear sported looks that have become the signatures of eras and icons.

Here are five of the cutest retro hairstyles that will set you apart, yet ensure that your appearance stays classy and chic.

1. ‘60s Big Waves:
Not only did the Hippies get it right with their message of love and peace; they also knew how to achieve a look of care-free class. ‘60s big waves are the perfect look for the long-haired collegiate hoping to wow the crowd at a causal get-together. They scream easy-going and are super easy to do if you have a curling iron or big round brush and hair dryer.

2. Rolled-Back Bangs:
Although this ‘do takes a little more work than careless curls, the dramatic end result is well worth it. Rolled-back bangs are a daring way to set yourself apart from the usual and, paired with an updo, launch your look into the exceptional. This extra-ordinary updo is sure to have heads turning in your direction, but should be attempted with caution— no one wants those curls to resemble horns!


3. 1920’s Bob:
For those collegiate willing to take the plunge, a 1920’s bob is one of the most timeless looks a girl can wear. This style can be worn blunt or even pin-curled, for an added touch of elegance. The ladies of the 1920’s knew how to keep the party going, with this cut, you will too.

4. Teased Crown:
One of the easiest hairstyles to attain is, again, borrowed from the gals of the 1960’s. A teased crown is the perfect match for a high ponytail or half-up look. Ideal for the collegiate hoping to gain some volume, a teased crown is possible with straight, wavy, or curly hair. This is a sophisticated style everyone should try!

5. Scarf-Tied Updo:
Sported by housewives during the 1940’s, the scarf-tied updo is a functional, yet adorable, look. Take a messy bun, intricate braid, or top knot to the next level with a brightly colored scarf or bandana. You won’t give a second thought to this style, but it will be all anyone else can think about.
These five retro hairstyles are tried and true attention grabbers.

So, why mess with a good thing? If you are looking for a hairstyle that will allow you to show off your sophistication and flair, take a travel through time and experiment with one these classic looks!
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