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We are so close to the real Christmas season, so of course we need to start getting ready. Recently I realized that all of my decorations don’t need to be put out on the same day, so that means more time for more decorations to be put out- right? Christmas decorations can be pricey though, so I found some DIYs!


Always keep in mind that you can make your own variation of these crafts. You might already have these supplies at home and if you have any pine trees near you home, you can go gather some real ones!

Snow globes

For me, snow globes are very much a Christmas vibe. You can add whatever you want into yours- snowmen, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or anything that makes you nostalgic. Most craft stores will have blank globes or even starter kits.


Macramé can be pretty tricky starting out, but once you get the hang of it you can be on your way to these cute little trees! These can be used as ornaments, wall hangings, or even a present!

Madison is a nursing major looking to spread kindness and understanding!
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