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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

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September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, with many Latin American countries celebrating their independence days during the first week. As a Latina, this is a time to celebrate and honor my Costa Rican roots. But how can we all celebrate the rich Latin American culture? 

Many universities have student-led organizations that focus on sharing Hispanic culture with the campus, as well as advocating and creating a safe space for Latinx students. At IUP, I am part of the Latino Student Organization, and boy did we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month with a bang! We had a meet and greet for all students interested in learning about and sharing Hispanic culture, followed by a Latin dance night this past Friday. We danced until we were sweating: bachata, cumbia, banda, merengue, salsa, and more. For those who did not know how to dance, the students that did quickly showed them and everyone was dancing in no time! Honestly, I had never had more fun at a school-sponsored function in my life. It was a wonderful opportunity to simply come together with students and celebrate an amazing culture.

That being said, the Latino Student Organization at IUP has even more fun events planned this special month. Check out your school’s student organization page to find a club or events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. You might just be surprised at the opportunities available!

Other than getting involved in your school’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, there are many other ways to celebrate. Shop from local Latinx artists and businesses, listen to Hispanic musicians and artists, watch movies and shows created by and for Latinxs, and read books written by Latinx authors (some of my favorites include Like Water for Chocolate and In the Time of the Butterflies.) Following Instagram accounts to stay up to date on current events in the Hispanic community as well as exposing yourself to the culture is another great place to start. Some of my favorite accounts that focus on women in the Hispanic community are Mitú (@wearemitu & @fiercebymitu), as well as Poderistas (@poderistas), Latina Approved (@latinaapproved), and We All Grow Latina (@weallgrowlatina).

No matter how you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, enriching yourself in this culture will be an astonishing experience. The food, music, dance, art, and people of the Latinx culture are unique and beautiful in their own way. ¡Que viva la cultura!

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