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Campus Cutie-Eric Soler Jr.

This week’s campus cutie is a true IUP hustla and even though he’s taken (sorry ladies) we can admire Eric Solar Jr. from a distance.  Eric is what you would call a true boss, according to him, “weed, clothes, and your mom’s money does NOT make you a boss. Diplomas, degrees, and jobs do.” Check out the survey to see how this future mogul handles the campus cutie survey in a boss-like manner.

Name: Eric Soler Jr.

 Hometown: Vineland, New Jersey

 Year: Sophomore

 Major: Communications Media

 Relationship status: Happy

On-Campus Activities: I’m a member of the BEC (Black Emphasis Committee). I’m producing the official IUP Mix tape, I run with College Life, and I’m a Party/Event Promoter.

What would be your ideal first date: Definitely dinner & dancing!

What would be a dealmaker in a relationship: She has to have a personality out of this world! We have to just click, and you can’t have much of a history.

 And a deal breaker: If all I hear is bad things about you, if you curse, and if you always want to drink and party, I can’t be with you. Sorry.

Celebrity Crushes: Jennifer Lopez

If you were on a deserted island, which three things would you have to have with you: I would need Water, Music, & a Football.

If you won the lottery, what would you do: Buy my mother a house and car. Then put money away for my brothers and cousins college fund, and open my own club or studio in Miami.

Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Skateboarding, writing and producer music. I also Produce and Shoot Music Videos.


This writer and producer did it all on his own and is already sitting pretty comfortable with it. If you don’t believe him or you’re simply curious, check him out for yourself:




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