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Campus Celebrity: Corey Henderson


This week’s featured Campus Celebrity is Corey Henderson, a junior Natural Science/Physical Therapy major here at IUP. Corey’s extremely active on campus and is the president of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity and is also involved with Autism Speaks U, as well as Phi Kappa Phi.

He’s very dedicated to his honors fraternity and hopes “to create a ‘home away from home’ for young IUP students looking to be active on campus.” He believes that getting involved with extra-curricular activities is very important, especially for freshmen. He also states, “I love Phi Sigma Pi because our Brothers are welcome to making new members a part of our close-knit family while promoting our three ideals: leadership, scholarship and fellowship.”

Some of his other accomplishments include receiving an Eagle Scout award, scouting’s highest rank, and is also a Provost Scholar. Corey credits much of his success to his family, girlfriend, close friends, and Brothers who inspire him and provide constant support. He adds “I wouldn’t be able to do it without them!”

A little fun fact about Corey is that he enjoys a variety of music- “anything from Mumford & Sons to Keith Urban. I love any music from the 80’s- especially Fleetwood Mac!”

The ambitious junior will go very far and has big plans for his future. He plans to begin graduate school in the fall of 2015 at a top-ranked university to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy or (DPT). After graduation, he hopes to be admitted to a residency program specializing in orthopedic/sports physical therapy. He also hopes to one day open his own practice, while teaching at a university.

He attributes IUP as a major factor in helping him reach those future goals. He adds, “IUP is providing me with a solid education, proper resources, and the real-life experiences to be successful in my future endeavors!” 

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