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Brooke Bachy, IUP Ambassadors

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Brooke Bachy, a senior Early Childhood Special Education major. Brooke has been super active on campus since her freshman year and continues to be, even as a senior. During our brief interview, she shared with me her passion for involvement and stated “IUP is what you make of it, and I made it my own by working hard and getting involved.”

During her time at IUP, Brooke has been very active as President of the Association of Early Childhood Educators, Chairperson of Hospitality and Co-Chair of Workshops, and Publicity Chair in Kappa Delta Pi, the Education Honors Fraternity and now remains a general member in both. She is also currently the Vice President of Administration for the IUP Ambassadors. Her involvement in these activities is where she says some of her best memories were made.

Brooke’s plans after graduation include, ideally, having a job teaching somewhere in Virginia near the D.C. area; as she says “I’m not made for Indiana, I’d love to be near the city.” She has always wanted to be a teacher and decided on Early Childhood in high school after working with her high school’s preschool program.

Brooke’s advice to freshman ranges from get involved in something you enjoy, to prioritize your academics, and to ‘not do the bad things’ because, as she says, “it’s easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.” Her last piece of advice is to enjoy every moment because “it goes faster than you think.”

Being involved in so many activities really seemed to help Brooke love IUP more than she already did, and through everything she has gone through at IUP, she said she would not change a thing. Brooke is set to graduate this year, so if you see her between all of her activities be sure to say “hi!” She is one of the sweetest and easiest to talk to people on campus, and she has bright red hair, so basically she’s just awesome.

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