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Whoever runs this account deserves an award. The posts are relatable and hilarious, often not just for girls, and it keeps me up to date on IUP news. A lot of the posts are memes about the campus, dining, and organizations- if you’re an IUP student it is totally worth checking out!


Whenever you’re down IUP’s very own Ranger can help! Ranger is an on-campus pup who holds his very own events to spend time with students. Nothing lifts the spirits quite like a smiling beagle who wants to share his love. Ranger’s Instagram includes event announcements, motivation, and of course pictures of Ranger himself!


The Oak Grove squirrels are famous, so it was only fitting that they have their own Instagram account. The squirrel-run account shares sightings on campus and funny captions. Like Ranger, this account will be sure to make you feel better on a day when the work seems to never end. If you spot a squirrel on campus, you can DM your photo to be posted!

Madison is a nursing major looking to spread kindness and understanding!
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