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Being a Strong Woman in Today’s World



I have always had a strong personality. My mom remembers me screaming my head off at the age of three because I had to wear shoes to church. This temper and will power stayed with me as I aged. It became more mature as I continued through life, I no longer throw tantrums about wearing shoes and I am very fair and diplomatic.

However, there are some core beliefs that I refuse to budge on. There are some things that I think everyone has a right to that should not be compromised. I have a distinct style and way I want to do things, a drum that I march to of my own.

Photo by Katie Treadway on Unsplash

In the 21st century, and as we round the 20’s, life is being more celebrated. Women are gaining recognition, speaking out and over all gaining more confidence. Society is starting to adapt--slowly. Movements such as the women’s march are happening. Slogans and sayings such as “I believe women” and #MeToo are making their way into everyday life and most importantly, everyday conversation. However, there is still hypocrisy.

If you’re like me, you’re familiar with the phrases, “you’re too strong,” “you’re too bossy,” “you’re too loud,” “you’re too...” In a world that is moving to empower women, we’re still on the “too much” side of everything. And the most painful part is when it comes from other women. And as strong as we are, these phrases still hurt, we’re still human and we still feel. Though we’re told not to take these things seriously, how can we not? It's part of our personality and a part of who we are, we can’t not take it personally.

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It feels confusing when such things happen. The world is screaming for you to be you but then when you are, people seem to resent you for it. And it is hard, we are not perfect, there are times we should be more mellow when we are harsh. There are times we need to enter with softness but enter with rashness. It’s finding a balance of these extremes that works best. It’s also reminding yourself that you are enough and that you have worth. Though things hurt right now, you will be better off having gone through these trials and survived them. Hopefully one day, it won't be this way. Until then, know your worth, know your importance, value your opinion and help build others up around you.

Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

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