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Being a Girl with Guy Best Friends

Every girl dreams of having a best friend that lasts forever. Usually when girls talk about best friends they are talking about another girl who they have seen through break ups, had sleepovers with, the usual girl thing. Even Facebook and Twitter posts directed at best friends are almost always directed at two girls. My problem with this is that my three best friends are all guys.

I do have girl friends, but I have always found it easier to talk to guys than girls. I don’t know why either. I think a part of me always compared myself to the other girls I knew. Guys are an entirely different story. There is not much to compare myself to. Even though some people I have met assume that I sleep with them or that they only want to hang out with me to sleep with me, I know none of it is true.

Having guy best friends has some benefits. They have been more honest with me than any of my girl friends. I like the fact that they do not hold back because it has made me more honest with myself and others. I do not try to spare feelings as much, especially if I know it is something that will not matter in a few days. At first the bluntness did hurt my feelings, but I realized they do not want me to make bad decisions or look like an idiot when it matters to me.

Most of my best memories are with the guys. We have done many spur-of-the-moment activities together, including the time we made spaghetti at two in the morning. We were not even hungry, we just wanted to make it. Any time one of us wants to act on impulse, the rest of us just go along with it for the ride. If it turns out to be a dumb idea, we joke about it later.

Even when I am partaking in traditionally feminine activities, they have been willing to take part, too. I have done their makeup before and after the initial complaints about being poked in the eye were over, they have said that they felt beautiful. I think I have even managed to get a one of them to exfoliate and to stop using three-in-one products.

As much as I love my girl friends, my guy friends will always be my best friends. I have an older brother, but he is much older than me, so we have never been very close. My guy friends are close enough in age that they may as well be brothers. We have all comforted each other when one of us needs a shoulder to cry on. The three of them have some of the biggest hearts I have ever come across.

This is not to say that girls do not make good best friends, I am speaking out of personal experience and out of solidarity for other girls with guy best friends. Having any kind of close friend is a blessing, and I am eternally thankful for the three that stand by my side no matter what dumb decision I decide I want to do.

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