"Becoming" by Michelle Obama - Book Review

On November 13, 2018, Michelle Obama's book "Becoming" was released, making its way up to the number one spot on Amazon's best books list. This memoir is split into three parts, Becoming Me, Becoming Us, and Becoming More, reflecting on her life from childhood all the way to her time at the White House. My sister, Abby, recently finished the book so I decided to ask for her opinion on it.


"Becoming" Book Cover. (Time Magazine)


Q. Why did you decide to read “Becoming”?

A. I’ve always looked up to Michelle Obama because she went above and beyond as the First Lady of the United States. She always seemed very down to earth and relatable, so I wanted to learn more about her life. I heard a lot of great reviews about the book and knew that I had to read it. 


Q. Does this book live up to its great reviews and ratings?

A. Yes. I heard a lot of great things about her book and on Amazon it was the #1 bestseller when I bought it. I like reading autobiographies written by famous people, but hers was my favorite that I’ve ever read because she is really relatable. Even though I like autobiographies and saw the great reviews, I enjoyed it more than I expected, which is saying a lot. 


Michelle. (Michelle Obama's Instagram)


Q. What was one thing you learned from the book?

A. I learned that Michelle Obama failed her bar exam after graduating from law school. I think this made her very relatable because I am in graduate school right now and know how much pressure they place on students when it comes to passing exams to become licensed in your career after you graduate. I get very nervous about exams and assignments in graduate school, but Michelle made me realize that even the most successful people have to overcome obstacles in their schooling and careers and failing the bar exam didn’t stop her. It made me feel better knowing that Michelle had her struggles. 


Q. Do you think you have a greater appreciation now for the Obamas?

A. Yes. I have always appreciated the Obamas, but knowing that they had a lot of struggles in their lifetimes, such as infertility and going to marriage counseling, I respect them even more. 


Barack and Michelle. (Time Magazine)


Q. If you had the chance to meet Michele Obama, what would you say to her?

A. I think I would thank her for everything she has done for her country and also tell her that Becoming made me respect her even more as a person. She has been through a lot of personal struggles in her life and by talking about them in her book, I think readers that are going through those same struggles are comforted by the fact that Michelle Obama had been in the same situations and was able to overcome them. I think she is a great role model for women everywhere.  


Q. Was there anything that surprised you about the Obamas?

A. I always thought Michelle and Barack went to law school together, but instead they met while working at a law firm in Chicago. I don’t know why this surprised me but I thought it was interesting.


The Obama Family. (MSN)