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Amanda’s Alley: Ohhh…Yes! Yes!: Faking Orgasms

Why fake an orgasm? Meg Ryan’s character in the movie “When Harry Met Sally,” depicts just how easy it is for a woman to fake sexual pleasure, while leaving her costar, Billy Crystal speechless. “According to a 2010 survey, approximately eighty percent of woman have faked an orgasm at some point in their life”, said author, Brian Alexander. The only question left is simply, “Why?”

Some women want to make their partner feel good, while others just want the experience to end. By faking an orgasm, your partner knows that his job is done. Also, if you fake an orgasm, you will not hurt your partner’s ego, which could destroy a relationship if he loses his confidence. There are times where your partner may not be as experienced as you, and the sex could be painful.

“Women tend to speed things up by using vocalizations due to boredom, time limitations, fatigue, or discomfort,” said Brian Alexander. Women try to be nice, and it helps because men are very goal oriented.

On the other hand, there can be pitfalls and downsides to all the noise and commotion. You could be misinforming your partner, and he could start to think that he has sex “mastered.” In other words, he may tend to perform the same actions in the future, which can become annoying or tiring. When you fake an orgasm, men see it as victory, leaving no room for improvement. Sadly, the sex could just stay the same, and the relationship could be doomed. In the end you could just be getting screwed but not in the good way.

Some women might actually resent sex after having to fake an orgasm several times, and they may continue to be unsatisfied. If your partner finds out you faked it, the trust in the relationship may be destroyed. Some things are irreparable. Some men may be aroused by vocalizations, but just keep in mind all of those bad pickup lines you have heard over the years. Guys always think we like hearing pick up lines, but at the end of the day how do you like hearing, “Hey I think I lost my keys, can I check your pants?”


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