6 Ways to Channel Your Inner Olivia Pope This Halloween

Halloween is upon us and we finally have decide if we want to go for the sexy cat look or the funny emoji costume. Recently, I have been inspired by one of the most popular television shows, Scandal.  This Thursday night drama is about a lawyer and fixer named Olivia Pope, who maintains an on and off relationship with the president of the United States throughout the 5 running seasons of the show.

An Olivia Pope inspired costume can be for the single lady costume or a couple, where your partner can choose any of Olivia's romantic interests as their costume. Jake Ballard, secretly a special agent and briefly Olivia's lover, would be the easiest costume- all your partner needs is a leather jacket, some jeans, and a protective attitude about your lady.

Ladies, here is what you need to rock it as Olivia this Halloween:

The Evening Gown: this can be a formal dress or one that has been hanging in your roommate’s closet for months asking to be being worn.

The Blazer: If an evening gown is not your taste, the blazer could work for you. It is definitely the best option if you will need to go to the White House or see David Rosen about a case while showing off your white hat.

The Evening Gloves: For some reason, Olivia always sports gorgeous evening gloves, even though D.C. is pretty warm. They do look awesome for when you are strutting through the White House (read: Oak Grove) or taking the bad guys down with some handling done by yours truly.

The Coat: Halloween is usually a very cold time so this is probably the best bet for the Olivia Pope costume. It is warm, unique, chic, and will stand apart from the hand made hot sauce costumes and Victoria’s Secret angel robes.

The Wine: Olivia is not much of a cook but she does love her expensive wine. If there is a pocket in your coat when you are going out for Halloween, stash a tiny wine glass for a prop when you go to parties, or keep it to yourself if you are planning to stay in and binge Scandal.


The Popcorn: No one could forget Olivia’s favorite food: popcorn. Depending on if you are staying in this Halloween, and or going out, popcorn is definitely a necessity for your night.

By the end of night, everything will be handled and you will have the most stylish and original costume of this year!