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5 Iconic Things About Super Bowl LVI’s Halftime Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.
This was the NFL’s first time ever choosing a rap performance

Think back to every halftime show you can possibly remember: the iconic left shark in Katy Perry’s set, Beyonce (not once, but *twice,*) Lady Gaga’s iconic jump. Although there have certainly been some amazing performers, there have never been any rappers at the Super Bowl before 2022, in which five rappers and one hip-hop soul singer graced the stage.

The performance blended recent chart toppers with some 2010s throwback hits

It feels like yesterday I was sixteen at Kendrick Lamar’s concert, feeling the vibrations from the heavy bass on the ground. Watching this year’s performance brought me back to exactly that moment. And yet, I was brought back even further hearing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” and Dr. Dre and Snoop’s “Next Episode,” which I am tempted to reveal, I vibe with much more now than when I was an elementary school-aged child who did not understand exactly what the lyrics meant!

Eminem taking a knee after his performance

Did anyone else catch the end of Eminem’s performance, during which he took a knee as Dr. Dre began the next song? A possible tribute to Colin Kaepernick, and overall shedding light on the racial disparities that continue to exist in the NFL. A true way to make a statement during a performance, especially when considering Kaepernick’s recent Netflix drama, “Colin in Black & White.”

Amazing dancers & Choreography

I couldn’t help but notice the true talent of the background dancers in this year’s halftime show. From the iconic outfits to the choreography, they truly put their heart and soul into the performance and it shows! One of my favorite parts to watch the dancers was during 50 Cent’s set.

Tribute to Tupac

Dr. Dre used the halftime show as an opportunity to pay tribute to Tupac with a performance of his 1995 hit, “California Love,” right after the opening song.

Tatiana Cleffi is a writer for the Her Campus chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP,) who enjoys writing about her personal experiences, particularly in regards to her Latin culture. She is a senior nursing student who is eager to graduate in December 2023. Tatiana is passionate about bridging the language gap in the healthcare setting. She studied medical Spanish abroad to become better equipped to provide nursing care to a diverse range of patients. In her free time, Tatiana enjoys visiting her husband in Costa Rica, going to the beach, singing on the worship team at her church, and eating pumpkin pie.