Nature Flowers Spring Pink

5 COVID-Safe Activities to Enjoy the Warm Weather

Spring has officially sprung, and the warm weather is here to stay. After being cooped up inside all winter (especially if you live in a brutal winter area like me) I sure am eager to get outside and enjoy the warm weather to the fullest in a safe way due to the pandemic. Here are five fun outdoor activities so that we can enjoy this weather to the fullest and the blossoming nature around us!

  1. 1. Hammock & a book

    I actually did this exact activity today: set up a hammock and enjoyed the blossoming trees above. Add in a good read and you’ve got the perfect way to relax and enjoy the weather!

  2. 2. Picnic in a park

    picnic blanket, food and hat

    This is so simple yet so enjoyable. A picnic with friends, SO, or even alone is a perfect way to take advantage of the wonderful weather and enjoy a meal! Don’t forget your bug spray if you live in a tick infested area!

  3. 3. Fishing

    If you are anything like me, you probably just rolled your eyes at the thought of fishing. In fact, you are probably thinking Tatiana, that is literally something my grandpa would do. And you are absolutely right, but have you ever thought why your grandpa loves to fish? It is actually tons of fun, plus you can score dinner if you get a catch. Shout out to my boyfriend for showing me that fishing is actually quite enjoyable!

  4. 4. Hiking

    Person sits on rock before a mountain at sunrise.

    Throw on some old sneakers or hiking boots and head on over to the nearest hiking trail. The views at the end are quite the reward, plus it’s a great opportunity for some exercise! Don’t forget your water and snacks, because trust me, those hikes can get tiring in the sun!

  5. 5. Gardening

    person planting a green plant

    I was truthfully never one for gardening or planting until I got to college and started to grow a plant collection. Now is the perfect time to start a garden or pot some plants, and it is so rewarding to watch them grow and blossom!