The 5 Best Reese's Products When You're Craving Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Within the past year or so, Reese's has tried to go above and beyond with the different versions of peanut butter cups that they produce. It still amazes me that they're finding new ways to reinvent what peanut butter cups look and taste like. However, when you're craving some good old fashioned Reese's, here are the top five kinds to buy.

  1. 1. The Holiday Reese's

    As someone who loves peanut butter, these are filled to the brim with it. With way more peanut butter than chocolate, they become a peanut butter lover's dream and you can find them in fun shapes like pumpkins, eggs, trees, hearts, and ghosts depending on what holiday is coming up.

  2. 2. Reese's Bells

    When Christmas comes rolling around, all the fun candy gets put out and Reese's are no exception. Beside the trees, you'll be able to find these bell shaped pieces of perfection that are perfect for a candy bowl.

  3. 3. Dark Chocolate Reese's

    For those who find milk chocolate just a little too sweet, Reese's has now got you covered. These are a recent addition, after having white chocolate out for a while, but they were sure worth the wait and you can find them year round.

  4. 4. The Classic Reese's

    Sometimes you just need the original and that's perfectly okay. While the other types I've mentioned may lean towards more chocolate or more peanut butter, the original still has that perfect balance of both.

  5. 5. Reese's Fast Break

    Perfect for when you're on the go and need your fill. You can find these in almost any place that sells food, and they have an added layer of nougat that makes these bars very addicting.

While these are my personal favorites, everyone has their own top five. Or maybe you don't even like Reese's at all, and that's okay too. Whatever the case, enjoy the candy that you like the best and share your own top five with people because maybe we'll all find a different favorite in the end.