4 Recommended Movies With Female Leads

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1. Dumplin’

Willowdean is a plus-sized teenager from a small town in Texas. Her Aunt Lucy (who has recently passed away) introduces Willowdean to Dolly Parton at a young age. Dolly and Lucy teach Willowdean to always be confident in herself no matter what other people think. Willowdean's mother is a former beauty queen who hosts beauty pageants and appreciates the contestants more than her own daughter. One day Willowdean finds out her aunt is going to compete in the competition that her mother won--but she mysteriously backs out. Willowdean decides to compete in the pageant with her friend to prove a point that size doesn’t matter!

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2. Life of the Party

Shortly after dropping her daughter Maddie off at college, Deanna’s husband tells her he wants a divorce. As a mom in her 40’s she has no idea what to do and is bewildered by this! Deanna decides to finish her degree alongside her daughter in order to better provide for her family. The mother/daughter duo attempts to naviagte college together--from Deanna hooking up with her ex-husband's soon-to-be-step son, to going to parties together, Deanna and Maddie do it all! When Deanna is about to lose her funds for college, Maddie and her friends throw a big party to raise money! You'll have to watch it yourself to see the unexpected twist in the end!

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3. Room

Joy and her 5-year old son Jack are being held captive in a shed. Her son has no knowledge of the outside world around him due to living his entire life in the "Room”. After Joy begins losing all hope of ever being saved, she comes up with a plan to save them both.

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4. Kidnapped

A seemingly fun day at the park takes a horrendous turn for the worse. A single mother takes her son to the park where he soon is kidnapped. In the midst of the chaos, the mother loses her phone and has no way to call the police! She relies on instincts and chases down the kidnappers on her own, risking her life to save her son. This thrilling movie is a must-see!